Sue Wood is a folk singer/songwriter who moved to Orillia in the fall of 2011. From the Orillia Farmers’ Market, local Song Circles and Open Mics, Sue has been performing her original material to a wide range of audiences with very positive feedback.

As a young girl growing up in the 1960s Sue was always singing and was inspired by the movies she watched and later the records she bought. Folk music was a strong influence and at the age of thirteen she began playing the guitar and writing her own songs. During her 20s she performed at weddings and later while a young mother she began singing for children.

Her first recording, Music for Bears and Small Children was released on cassette in 1992. This was followed by her CD Bear With Me in 2002. During this time Sue spent several years performing in the school system for young children.

Life changed and at 50 Sue was on her own. A year later she attended her first Open Mic. Over this period of great change in her life Sue wrote over 20 songs and in response to repeated requests for a recording of her original material she released the CD “Can You See Her” in June of 2011.

Her unique picking style, rich soothing vocals and song writing skills have caught the attention of listeners and her fellow musicians. Her music continues to evolve embracing the changes in her life. Having played over the years to young children as well as adults has helped Sue to develop a comfortable and natural connection with her audience.

Sue is able to articulate her feelings in a way that allows the listener to experience the music and relate the content to their own lives. The song “You Never Know”, available on YouTube, is the story of her meeting a musician at an open mic. That chance meeting led not only to a wonderful friendship but to a song that captures the joy of possibility.